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Refresh your basics of publications retrieval and Open Science

Module A - Information Search and Open Access
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Connect Pre-clinical Publications Issues with Open Science politics
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Learn about pre-clinical publication issues

Module B Pre-clinical publication issues | Lecture

Module C Animal Systematic Reviews | Workshop

Next date 13.02.2017

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Primary relevant for

Quality pre-clinical papers

Retrieve, Review, Reproduce, Report information to Refine, Reduce, Replace animal experimentation (3R) for:

  • Transparency
  • Reproducibility
  • Validity
  • Researcher carrier legitimacy
  • Civil society information and consent

Pre-clinical research

  • Open -Access, -Data, -Protocols
  • Post-reviewing
  • Model selection
  • Animal Systematic Review (SR)
  • ARRIVE guidelines
  • Risk of Bias (RoB)
  • Internal, external validity

Switzerland based researchers

  • PhD, post-docs, senior researchers
  • Study directors of animal experimentation
  • Animal welfare laboratory officers
  • State veterinary members of FormA evaluation

Pre-clinical news, stay tuned! more news…

When does animal research become unnecessary and cruel? A paper’s methods give a biologist pause

Microbiologist Elies Bik is well-known for applying a close eye to studies, and has spent years anonymously submitting reports on plagiarism and image duplication to journal editors.

No publication without confirmation

Jeffrey S. Mogil and Malcolm R. Macleod propose a new kind of paper that combines the flexibility of basic research with the rigour of clinical trials.