Learning transparent pre-clinical research


Refresh your basics of publications retrieval and Open Science

Module A - Information Search and Open Access
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Connect Pre-clinical Publications Issues with Open Science politics
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Learn about pre-clinical publication issues

Module B Pre-clinical publication issues | Lecture

Module C Animal Systematic Reviews | Workshop

Next date 13.02.2017

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Primary relevant for

Quality pre-clinical papers

Retrieve, Review, Reproduce, Report information to Refine, Reduce, Replace animal experimentation (3R) for:

  • Transparency
  • Reproducibility
  • Validity
  • Researcher carrier legitimacy
  • Civil society information and consent

Pre-clinical research

  • Open -Access, -Data, -Protocols
  • Post-reviewing
  • Model selection
  • Animal Systematic Review (SR)
  • ARRIVE guidelines
  • Risk of Bias (RoB)
  • Internal, external validity

Switzerland based researchers

  • PhD, post-docs, senior researchers
  • Study directors of animal experimentation
  • Animal welfare laboratory officers
  • State veterinary members of FormA evaluation

Pre-clinical news, stay tuned! more news…

When does animal research become unnecessary and cruel? A paper’s methods give a biologist pause

Microbiologist Elies Bik is well-known for applying a close eye to studies, and has spent years anonymously submitting reports on plagiarism and image duplication to journal editors.