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When does animal research become unnecessary and cruel? A paper’s methods give a biologist pause

Microbiologist Elies Bik is well-known for applying a close eye to studies, and has spent years anonymously submitting reports on plagiarism and image duplication to journal editors.

No publication without confirmation

Jeffrey S. Mogil and Malcolm R. Macleod propose a new kind of paper that combines the flexibility of basic research with the rigour of clinical trials.

A new reproducibility fix? Get your work checked before it’s published

Most researchers by now recognize there’s a reproducibility crisis facing science. But what to do about it? Today in Nature, Jeffrey S. Mogil at McGill University and Malcolm R. Macleod at the University of Edinburgh propose a new approach: Restructure the reporting of preclinical research to include an extra “confirmatory study” performed by an independent lab, which verifies the findings before they are published. We spoke with them about how this could work.

Reducing animal testing through better knowledge sharing

The JRC has carried out a study of available knowledge on the replacement, reduction and refinement (the 3Rs) of animal procedures used in research and testing to understand how supply of such knowledge can better meet demand.

Swiss Open Access strategy approved

Switzerland is forging ahead with Open Access: the plenary meeting of swissuniversities has approved the national Open Access strategy.

New CRACK IT Solution funding: using moth larvae to advance the 3Rs

An innovative project has been awarded funding through the NC3Rs CRACK IT Solutions partnering programme which supports collaborations to develop and validate new technologies with commercial and 3Rs potential.

Rigorous replication effort succeeds for just two of five cancer papers

The first results of a high-profile effort to replicate influential papers in cancer biology are roiling the biomedical community.

Cancer reproducibility project releases first results

An open-science effort to replicate dozens of cancer-biology studies is off to a confusing start.

Out of the box, into the egg: a new way of studying human bone repair

A recent study has shown that human bone regeneration can be studied in the extraembryonic membrane of a developing chick egg, which could replace studies in mice.

SEARCHBreast helps tissue sharing to benefit the 3Rs

The framework SEARCHBreast (Sharing Experimental Animal Resources, Coordinating Holdings), established with NC3Rs funding, enables scientists to share material from animal studies in breast cancer research, minimising repetition of animal studies and maximising the use of available resources.

The 3Rs potential of human tissue – a funding highlight notice for 2017

This year, we have a highlight notice across all of our funding schemes on the use of human tissues for 3Rs purposes

Revised tracking system for alternative testing methods – the new TSAR now available online

TSAR disseminates information on test methods not only under consideration by EURL ECVAM but by all member and observer organisations of the International Collaboration on Alternative Testing Methods (ICATM) representing the EU, Canada, USA, Republic of Korea, Japan, Brazil and China.