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A curated collection of articles about publication issues of human  research using organisms and cell models primary relevant for  Switzerland-based biomedical and pre-clinical researchers.
Connect the 3Rs (Reduce, Replace animal experimentation animal  experimentation) and Open Science for quality pre-clinical papers!

This collection of articles intend to feed animal  experimentation political and scientific methods debates with valuable  information for researchers, academics, politicians, law makers and  citizen challenging validity, translation, replacement, refinement,  reduction of animal experimentation in Swiss academic institutions.

People and financing

The beginning of article collection was built on intern SIS  collection of relevant news, opinions, publications and blog entries  from 2015 to beginning 2017. It was transformed into service to all  interested readers free of charge, hoping that addition of external  contributors will expand articles collection from May 2017.

Animalfree ResearchFoundation (AfR) sponsored the publication of article collection at beginning 2017.

Later development (automatic newsletter and twits) and long term  curation require further financial support and a second curator : please  do not hesitate to donate time and/or money, contact

Sylvie Vullioud
Scientific Information School (SIS)
Grand-Vigne 7
1302 Vufflens-la-Ville


How to use 3Rupdate news

Simply visit the website 3rupdate/news.ch and browse through by  scrolling down. The latest entries always appear at the top, and as you  scroll down you move backwards in time. Each article is tagged with  keywords that indicate the topic, the source and the date of original  publication. If you want to go to the original source for further  reading, all you need to do is click on the headline.

You can also use the website to filter and search for the tags that  interest you the most, either by clicking on the tag or by using the  website’s search function.

Contribute to 3Rupdate news

Since the website is also meant as a growing collection, I would be  happy if you also sent any relevant articles that you find. This can be  done by copy/paste of the corresponding url in the field "Send a Link" ,  then click on button Send. Curator verifies all submitted  recommendations and decides on whether or not an article is included in  3Rupdate/news.ch. Ten days maximum after submission, the suggestion will  be published if meeting coverage criteria. Visitors shall have no right  of appeal against a decision in this respect.


Alternative methods

  • Refinement methods: husbandry, animal welfare
  • Reduction methods : animal imaging, statistics
  • Replacement methods : human and animal stems cells, in vitro, organ-, tissue, cell on microchips

Information retrieval

  • Search tools
  • Systematic reviews
  • Meta-analyses
  • Text data mining

Open Science

  • Open Access (OA)
  • Open Research data (ORD)
  • Open protocols
  • Post-reviewing
  • Pre-clinical registration


  • External validity
  • Model selection
  • Construct validity
  • Cell lines maintenance
  • Variability


  • Reporting
  • ARRIVES and TOP guidelines
  • Conflict of interest declaration
  • Analysed and raw data publication
  • Protocols publication


  • Loi et ordonnances suisses sur la protection animale (LPA et OPAn) 
  • Loi sur le Droit d’auteur suisse (LDA) 
  • Authorization of animal experiment
  • Swiss open access and open research data funding agency and university policies
  • Swissuniversities science politics
  • EU open access and data funding agencies 
  • Swiss and EU Copyright & Text Data Mining (TDM)


  • Internal validity, reproducibility, replication
  • Blinding | randomization | risk of bias
  • Experimental design, statistics
  • Phenotyping, genotyping, cell line characterization

No coverage of toxicology (secondary effects, cosmetics, tobacco  products), organisms used for diagnose testing, commercial new animal  model, dogs experimentation, clinical trial results.


  • English
  • French and German authorized only for swiss information if English version not existing

Content provided online

Scientific Information School (SIS) uses the 3Rupdate/news.ch website to provide free public access to pre-clinical and biomedical  publication issues. The website takes the form of an organised public  database of scientific articles and news. SIS assumes a solely  intermediary function as the distributor of information. SIS hereby  expressly declares that it has no influence over the form, content and  offer of the sites that it references. The information and services  offered by these sites are entirely the responsibility of their owners.  The act of downloading or copying the texts, illustrations, photographs,  videos or other data shall not convey any right over the content. The  copyright and all other rights in the texts, illustrations, photographs  and other data shall remain the exclusive property of their authors or  the stated rights holders.

SIS reserves the express right, without special announcement, to  change, supplement or delete parts of the site or the entire service or  to discontinue publication temporarily or permanently.

Source types

Funding agencies and university politics

  • Strategies
  • Guidelines
  • Policies
  • Reports


  • Projects
  • Articles
  • Comments

News and opinions

  • Announcements
  • Calls
  • Initiatives
  • Comments
  • Interviews
  • Posts
  • Advises
  • Letters
  • Positions 


  • Open access peer-reviewed articles
  • Post-reviewing 
  • Comments

Some information sources



Key researchers-authors

  • Prof Michael Festing
  • Prof Paul Flecknell
  • Prof John Ioannidis
  • Prof Malcom Macleod
  • Prof Merel Ritskes-Hoitinga
  • Prof Hanno Würbel